Add plugin settings link to WordPress plugins page

If we write some functionality to our website which is not at all dependent on our theme, then it is always better to write those codes to a plugin page(creating new plugin) instead  of theme’s functions.php. So if we change the theme we don’t have to bother about losing our functionality.

So do take this advantage we write plugins. Now with some plugins sometimes we need a settings page for our plugins too. But if we create a plugin it gives us only few links activate/deactivate, Edit, Delete.

But you must be wondering how to add a settings page link in this one. That is very simple. WordPress provides a filter hook for that ‘plugin_action_links_YOURPLUGINNAME’. This hook gives you an array of default links. Now you can add new link there applying a new filter.  You can add settings page link or any other link also.

Below is an example of that hook.

Hope you guys figured this out very easy.

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