Product Enquiry Pro


A quick product enquiry form. Easiest way to convert potential customers to real one.



A quick product enquiry form. Enquiry form will be added to product details page. Get emails about enquiries and very easy to customize.

This plugin includes all the feature of basic version with addition of the followings :

  • Email Customization : enquiry email body and subject can be customized, product name, price, sku, product image etc fields can be added and arranged as required.
  • Fields Customization : new fields can be added, existing can be modified, removed.
  • Validation : Validation for any field can be modified. ie – required/non-required.
  • Attachment : Attachement, file upload fields can be added.
  • Admin dashboard : View all your product enquiries from admin dashboard at a glance and reply with ease.
  • Captcha : Google captcha can be added to protect your website from spam attacks.
  • Additional text : Additional texts can be added, before/after form
  • Direct reply : You can reply to queries directly from your inbox.
  • Multivendor support : Multi vendor is supported. Vendors can reply from back-end. Admin can check vendor replies too.
  • Premium support : A dedicated support team is assigned to support premium customers.

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